Roman pizza is characterised by a very thin and crispy dough. It is composed of almost 90% water and ferments at a controlled temperature of 5° for 72 hours. The pizza has a rectangular shape and is baked twice at almost 300° on iron pan. It is then topped with various ingredients with great attention to detail, like art, and can be enjoyed with the hands. All our pizzas, with the exception of the classic ones, are topped after baking. This serves to enhance the flavour of the products used and is also the reason why the pizzas are cold or lukewarm, depending on the seasoning. In order to enjoy it easily with your hands and without cutlery, the pizza is served in 8 small pieces, which also emphasises the taste and tradition of this type of pizza. But what is the meaning of the name 'Seven'? Seven is a magic number to which everything can be traced.
Examples are the Seven Kings of Rome, the seven Roman hills, the seven wonders of the world, including the Colosseum. The restaurant is located in the seventh district, our house number is seven and seven are the pizzas on our menu. The special feature: true Roman tradition and food culture, for the first time in Vienna. Our aim is to make our guests feel like they are on holiday in the Eternal City.


A Grains containing gluten and products thereof B Crustaceans and products thereof C Eggs and products thereof D Fish and products thereof (except fish gelatine) E Peanuts and products thereof F Soybeans and products thereof G Milk and dairy products (including lactose) and products thereof H N Nuts and products thereof L Celery and products thereof M Mustard and products thereof N Sesame seeds and products thereof O Sulphur dioxide and products thereof G Milk and dairy products (including lactose) H Nuts and derived products L Celery and derived products M Mustard and derived products N Sesame seeds and derived products O Sulphur dioxide and sulphites P Lupins and derived products R Molluscs such as snails | mussels | squid and derived products

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